Guidelines on Asbestos Testing

26 Mar

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral and occurs in the form of crystalline fibrils. It was widely used in the construction of houses before the nineties mostly for roofing purposes. However, it has negative health implications as a carcinogen causing cancer and also is known to cause mesothelioma. It is also known to cause asbestosis which is a chronic lung disease which inhibits breathing and causes the lungs to scar. From the dangers mentioned above, avoid sampling of asbestos on your own and call in qualified experts. Here are some guidelines on asbestos testing in your residential or commercial premises. Check it out now!

Due to the toxic and the hazardous nature of the asbestos, it is recommended that you engage trained technicians for its testing. A well-trained technician knows how best to identify contaminated areas, how to carefully collect samples without contaminating the environments of your premise with microfibrils from the asbestos. The service provider you choose for the asbestos testing in your residential or commercial premise should also have adequate experience in testing the presence or absences of the asbestos. The service providers experience can be gauged by the number of years they have been in operation offering services in asbestos testing.

When choosing an asbestos testing service provider, ensure that they are equipped with the necessary gear such as personal protective equipment. A service provider who owns this equipment and employs its use during testing procedures proves his or her professionalism. The lab facility which the service provider does the testing of the samples should also be licensed and accredited.

When choosing an asbestos removal service provider, ensure that you choose a reputable and credible service provider. The service provider ought to perform the testing as per the set safety standards. The technician ought to use set sample collection techniques which don’t threaten the occupants of a premise with exposure. Choose a renowned service provider for his fast tests on the presence of the asbestos and one who backs their testing procedures with professional reports generated within the shortest time possible. This limits the level and the exposure period before removal operations are carried out. Verify if the service provider is reputable and credible by reading through the reviews dine by previous clients they have offered services to.

Lastly, choose an asbestos testing service provider who charges an affordable price for their services and who take a step of conducting retesting after asbestos removal has been done in your residential or commercial premise.

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